The best gift that a parent can ever give to their child is self-empowerment. Empowerment for different people means different things. For a parent who sees his child getting beaten up by other children every day, empowerment could mean to teach the child to beat others back. For a parent who sees the child is unable to express himself / herself, empowerment could mean to make them talk in a group or on stage. For a parent who thinks their child’s handwriting is poor, empowerment could mean helping them in improving their handwriting and in the process sometimes even scolding the child or slapping them in the endeavour to make sure they improve. Whilst all these are ways of empowering the child but the issue with these methods is, the empowerment will come only in one aspect and once the child learns that aspect, they will move on to experience their next lack and it puts the parent into a whole new loop. This is why parenting is such a big responsibility or forgive me for saying, for most, such a big burden. The burden is of continuously taking responsibility of teaching and empowering the child in various aspects and the cycle of parenting never seems to end. It is a very common sight to see that even parents of a 50 years old adult will still be parenting them.

Is this the way it was meant to be? Is this why parenting was created? What purpose does the parent achieve by contracting for this life link responsibility? Is it support in the old age? If that was the case, many don’t get that in spite of taking care of their children well. What would be the soul’s ultimate objective to learn through parenting? I cannot answer these questions here because for these we have a very special SS workshop called “Enrichment through Parenting” workshop which one can pursue post doing the SS basic Workshop if they are keen to understand parenting from another new level & make it effortless for themselves.

In the scope of what I am saying here. It is important to remember that instead of trying to fish for someone again & again, it’s best to teach them fishing. Similarly, instead of trying to let your chld become helpless with life and come to you for a solution and then you solve that problem only to wait for the next, it’s best to teach them how to resolve their own problems. The biggest hitches in this approach are two:

1. We don’t trust our child to be old enough to access his / her wisdom
2. We fear our role in our child’s life will be diminished if they would start living an empowered life

I know that most parents on the first glance will disagree with both the above points. However, when one closely thinks about it, parenting is such an engaging process that on one side the parent is always burdened and craving for a life of their own while on the other side they are also so habitual of that role that after a while it starts to define them.

The SS Children’s Basic workshop is a program that allows children to recognise that they are also sparks of the divine and how they are interconnected with each other and this planet. This knowledge allows them to understand their issues like bullying, harassment, blame, punishment, fear, sibling jealousy, non-acceptance of parents etc in a new light. They are able to understand that whatever they feel is their perception that stems from their way of thinking and hence the solution to their problems lie within.

For any child at a tender age to realise that the solution to all their problems is inside them is a big deal. It allows them to trust themselves more, they stop comparing themselves to others, they start identifying with their own uniqueness and they become more compassionate & loving human beings. If you can raise a child who can think of himself and others around him with equal love & compassion, then you have fulfilled the role of parenting on this planet. That’s all was ever needed. The role of a parent is to raise a conscious & aware human being. SS Basic Workshop for Children is a transformatory step towards conscious parenting and not only will it impact the quality of life of the child but it will also strengthen the bond between the child & the parents because the child will recognise that the parents intend to empower him rather than bind him.

The SS Children’s Basic workshop is a 4 day workshop held in Gurgaon from 10am to 3:30pm with a snack break & a lunch break included only twice a year, during the summer & winter vacation of kids. The eligibility criterion is that your child should be between 8.5yrs to 15 yrs old. If your child is 15+ then they are eligible for the Adult Basic workshop.

In the course of this workshop, the child will be able to

  • Connect with the cosmic energy
  • Understand their relationships with their parents/teachers/friends better and improve them
  • Restore their peace of mind and self-confidence after an event that disturbed them
  • Learn to appreciate and value what they have, to create more abundance for themselves
  • Work towards understanding their wishes better and making them come true
  • Deal with their fears, anxiety, stress, etc. and learn to stop creating these within

Currently, no Children’s Workshop is scheduled but there will be one between 20th Dec 2020 to 12nd Jan 2020 in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR so in case you want to enrol your child or want more details, please write to