THE VEIL is a collection of stories inspired by case studies of clients who came to Minal Arora for past life regression therapy. Each story reveals how our present life situations, relationships and issues are a reflection of the inner entanglement between now and that which has passed. Healing the past allows one to free up energy to live this moment fully.

A human life is a huge opportunity to experience, learn and become wiser for the soul. Those of you who don't like the word soul or find it superfluous, think of your sub-conscious as the engine behind the car, where the car is your body and the driver is your conscious mind. The soul is the wholeness of this scene, where the car, engine and driver are co-dependent and are hoping for cooperation from each other to make sure each reaches its destination. Sometimes, in this book, the sub-conscious mind and soul will be used interchangeably, only since they both are referring to that part of you that you don't readily identify with or include in the definition of 'self' or 'me'.

Past Life Regression is a therapy technique which enables a therapist to use different kinds of bridges or interfaces to guide the client into a state of trance where their conscious mind is less interfering, while the sub-conscious mind has more presence. This enables them to access parts of their memory which were concealed from them, sometimes since hundreds of years. Once these memories open-up, they reveal a plethora of emotions, thoughts and negative energy that was trapped inside the walls of the memory, making it a black hole inside the person's energies. Such black holes if plenty in number, can really hamper one's life and relationships since the obstructions in the flow of light through them is bound to manifest as difficulties in situations and relationships.

Sometimes when clients reach me, they are so claustrophobic of their life experiences that they evidently cannot breathe. If negative emotions stay in one's energy system for way too long, the only way for the body to get rid of them is through disease. A more elaborate understanding of how our inner system works and how our body is affected along with the mind and relationships is given in my other book, INFiNITY.

It is imperative that the way we bathe daily and like to live in clean houses, we also become conscious of the inner clutter and work on keeping our emotions and thoughts free from any unwanted material.

The cases I have discussed in this book are each heart wrenching and they reveal how deeply one's unresolved past plays a role in their daily life and choices. Blaming destiny or luck are not the only ways to deal with failure or helplessness. We are extremely powerful beings and the power within us is waiting to be unleashed. The only thing stopping it is our unresolved past that constantly pushes us to stay entangled in the web of time, never to fully experience this moment for its wholeness. Letting go of any attachment with the past and future allows one to operate out of their full potential in the current moment.

If you are reading this book, it means these stories will have a role to play in empowering you in your current situations. If you find it hard to digest these could be past life stories, don't sweat and just enjoy the beauty of the narrative without bothering your mind to necessarily believe in them.

We welcome you to the magnificent world of insightful stories from memories, where we trust that each of you will find at least one story that will touch you deeply and will stay with you forever.

When these stories were being revealed, I was a practicing past life regression therapist but slowly I moved on from it to practice Serenity Surrender (SS). Currently, SS is my chosen way to heal myself and others. I am grateful that while regression has played a significant role in my own journey and that of many who came to me, I found my path through SS. It is a way of life that resonates more with me for encourages and intends self-empowerment through self-healing. I do not take regression cases anymore since using SS, I can not only resolve past life karma but also transform one's life by changing their perspective of looking at self and others.

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