Maaya - A Tryst with Self

‘Maaya – A tryst with self’, is the story of a woman, Maaya, who, through her love for a man, Rahul, took on an incredible journey within, where she understood & experienced love in its purest, truest form. When Maaya first met Rahul, he touched a part of her soul that she had suppressed long ago in order to become the perfect girl for the love of her life, Kunal, whom she was engaged to. As Rahul and Maaya realised their feelings for each other, they also realised the futility of it all. A few days of togetherness was all they enjoyed before they accepted that they weren’t meant to be. Maaya gracefully let go of him to marry Kunal and have her happily ever after. Little did she expect that he would show up again in her life, at a point where she had separated from Kunal after 7 years of marriage, and her pursuit for his love would lead her to see love in a light she had never seen it in before. She never knew her inner journey was awaiting to be unleashed. She goes through ecstasy, joy, grief, failure, misery & sadness due to the love she longs to have in her life. On the road she travels to reunite with her twin-soul, unexpectedly leads her to becoming a spiritual healer, the experience of which, opened her up to an infinite horizon where she not only found love, but found herself.

Maaya is the essence of human experience through a woman, beyond time, which began with her loving someone so intensely that she dissolved in whom she loved & then finding herself through what followed. The book carries deep revelations about soul mate & twin-soul relationships including how they have been a source to spiritual upliftment for both the twins and how they can prove instrumental in transcending the limitations of each other. Time & again these lovers meet and part, giving each other an experience so intense that it leaves each in a state where they have no choice but to look within for the void they experience while the other isn’t around. The book carries deeper experiential understanding of what the need for love might bring one to experience. It is a tryst with self facilitated through the twin.

Maaya is a journey deep within, all the way to the sub-conscious & exploring long lost memories from past lives & beyond. In her desperation to be loved by Rahul, Maaya travels into her several past lives, encounters herself as love, as sadness, as betrayal, as grief, as loss, as failure and yet realizes that all these were mere experiences transient in nature and they only led her to loving herself & believing in herself even more in this moment.

Minal, as a past life therapist & mentor has held the hand of many, to allow their journey within, to explore the explored dimensions of their being, to understand how the soul operates out of human consciousness and how relationships, both good & bad, play a vital role in learning our lessons. All relationships are important but this book is focused on how the relationship with a twin-soul can allow us to reveal deep secrets or mysteries of the universe to live a more powerful or rather magical existence.

Love is the one pursuit that each soul carries knowingly or unknowingly and it’s one experience that can stretch to the depth of one’s awareness & yet seem to bring a longing for more or a need to hold-on to the experience. Whenever love knocks the door of the soul, it is welcome with all the warmth and yet, what it brings along & how it shows us our fears and our inability to be unconditional about it decides how long it stays and how long it gives us joy. Love is the one emotion that has the ability to take us to the highs of ecstasy and the lows of grief in a few moments and many times through the same people. When it stays, it gives is peace, joy & stability and when it leaves, we experience grief, blame, anger & resentment or loss. We want to hold-on to every moment of love because we do not trust it to stay forever, because we fear losing it. This book is a deep understanding of the cycle of love, of how it can impact one’s life & how one can transform their experiences of loss & failure in love to what empowers them with love itself.

Minal, in the capacity of an author invites you to travel the path of eternal love with Maaya. She reckons it’s a story each should read: thou who loves & wants to be loved.

This book will prove to be a turning point for anyone who can resonate with the above description. You may have expereinced such love in this lifetime or may have craved for it secretly. The story of Maaya will show things, events, situations, people & relationships in a new light by the way of which, you will be able to see everything from the perspective of the divine & the divine plan. It's simple, intense & simply intense!

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