INFiNITY is the understanding of the eternal cycle of evolution that a soul traverses & will continue to, while on its path to self-recognition on this planet ‘Earth’. It is a complete guided account of the evolution of souls in human form as conveyed by the goddess herself through a series of guided messages. The book carries deep wisdom to understand the human life-cycle from the spirit’s perspective. It demystifies the mind, body, emotions, thoughts and interconnections between them. It allows the reader to understand every single aspect that affects their daily life and how by merely changing one’s perspective and realigning it to the higher perspective, one can make a world of difference to their quality of life & relationships.

INFiNITY explains complex concepts like money, knowledge, karma, wisdom, death& mental conflicts etc in a simpler way where everything adds up to convey the essence of human existence. Minal has used case studies from her various clients whom she has worked with as a therapist to convey the various dimensions of life experiences offered as a part of an incarnation on this planet.

INFiNITY reveals how healing of karmic memories from past lives or current lives can transform one’s entire journey & perspective towards life. It allows the reader to become more aware of their nature, character and reflexive behavioural responses to further understand their blockages in life. Any inner conflict once recognised can be healed and this is also one dimension the book succeeds in addressing. It introduces the reader to ‘Serenity Surrender’ or SS which is a path to self-recognition and which has had profound impact on the author’s perception of life as conveyed through the book.

It is a beautiful account of all the wisdom the author has gained through several years of self-work & healing others. In her journey as a therapist & mentor, she has managed to understand the essence of a human life and this book is an endeavour to express the gist for anyone to embark upon their inner journey.

This book has the potential to invoke in the reader, the desire to know themselves at another level. It can also become a comprehensive guide in summing up all of all available spiritual knowledge in a way that it is available & accessible for self-transformation at a very basic level.

Minal has been appreciated & felicitated by various organisations including the Rotary Club of Jammu Elite, electronic & print media. In a very short duration, INFiNITY has been able to establish itself as a unique way of understanding human evolution on earth and it has been bringing the most scientific people too into its umbrella for it also explains the evolution of religion, science & then spirituality and the connection between them all. The book presents deep spiritual insights in an extremely simple & understandable language & style such that a normal practical person of today’s age can also understand and make sense of what was so far reserved to only those who could decipher such knowledge in the scriptures.

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INFiNITY recently was referred to by Nupur Sandhu, a well-known psychologist & the President of Rotary Jammu Elite Club to address 550 NCC cadets in Jammu. ‘Mirror Therapy’ from the book was used to bring awareness of the supressed emotions & fears the young cadets carried who come from interior parts of Jammu & Kashmir and have been witness to terrorism & unrest at home. It worked brilliantly for them and many have been reporting a shift in their consciousness and an opening in their blocks due to their recognition of their limits through their emotional blocks.