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The Author

Minal is the author of three books and each of which carry profound insight into the soul’s journey. Her books are her medium to make people recognise the presence of deep wisdom in the midst of their situations & allow them to transform their response to one that changes the course of their life.

The Mentor

As a mentor, Minal has been instrumental in changing the lives of many. She has a unique way of looking at life and troubles and through her workshops, she transfers this way of looking at life to others. Her vision is to empower as many souls as possible to live life consciously.

The Speaker

Minal is a powerful and impactful speaker and her talks are able to change the way people look at their problems, situations and relationships. She maintains a very logical & neutral stand whilst bringing forth deep wisdom that touch people both in heart & the mind.

The Therapist

As a therapist, Minal is deeply connected with her higher consciousness and she has been able to heal cases of extreme physical, emotional, mental imbalance as well as relationship issues through the divine guidance she receives through her connection with the creator.

Serenity Surrender


Serenity Surrender is a beautiful path made in the middle of the jungle of life which allows one to listen to the rhythm of this universe while learning to appreciate and accept each noise, each malady as a part of the resistance of the mind and yet becoming a witness to its own infinitely flowering consciousness.

Serenity Surrender or SS is a channeled modality, which originated from Shivi Dua’s endeavour to understand herself and her situations better. As she earnestly followed the guidance given to her by the Creator, she found the mysteries of the universe unfolding and a path being laid out for everyone to be empowered through this wisdom.

SS is a way of life where healing is a natural outcome of acceptance of what is and surrender. The intent is not to “fix” life situations, people, relationships or body. It is, in fact, to recognize the beauty in who we are, just as we are and experience empowerment and completion through being self.

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Minal Arora - The Author

Minal Arora was a panelist for the symposium "Deciphering Life, Creating Symphonies" at the YAYAVAR Jammu Literary Festival 2019. Her third book "The Veil" was also discussed in a separate session with readers and authors, for insights into the concept of Past Lives and Karma. Minal was chosen for the '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award in Kolkata on the 25th Nov 2018. This honour was bestowed upon her for her tremendous contribution towards spreading the message of love and oneness.


THE VEIL is a collection of stories inspired by case studies of clients who came to Minal Arora for past life regression therapy. Each story reveals how our present life situations, relationships and issues are a reflection of the inner entanglement between now and that which has passed. Healing the past allows one to free up energy to live this moment fully. A human life is a huge opportunity to experience, learn and become wiser for the soul. Past Life Regression is a therapy technique which enables a therapist to use different kinds of bridges or interfaces to guide the client into a state of trance where their conscious mind is less interfering, while the sub-conscious mind has more presence.


INFiNITY is the understanding of the eternal cycle of evolution that a soul traverses & will continue to, while on its path to self-recognition on this planet we call ‘Earth’. It is a complete guided account of the evolution of souls in human form as conveyed by the goddess herself through a series of guided messages. The book carries infinite wisdom to understand the human life cycle from our spirit’s perspective. It addresses the mind, body, emotions, thoughts and interconnections between them. It allows the reader to understand every single aspect that affects their life and how by merely changing one’s perspective and realigning it to the higher perspective, one can make a world of difference to their quality of life & relationships..

Maaya - A tryst with self

‘Maaya – A tryst with self’, is the story of a woman, Maaya, who, through her love for a man, Rahul, took on an incredible journey within, where she understood & experienced love in its purest, truest form. When Maaya first met Rahul, he touched a part of her soul that she had suppressed long ago in order to become the perfect girl for the love of her life, Kunal, whom she was engaged to. As Rahul and Maaya realised their feelings for each other, they also realised the futility of it all. A few days of togetherness was all they enjoyed before they accepted that they weren’t meant to be. Maaya gracefully let go of him to marry Kunal and have her happily ever after. Little did she expect that he would show up again in her life..

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