A request from Minal

I am usually very caught up with sessions or travel so I humbly request for you to write to me instead of calling me. When you write for a request to know more details, I will really appreciate if you can spell out your reasons for looking at past lives and what are you expecting from the therapy.

I DO NOT do Past Life Regression anymore. I moved on from it several years ago. No, it’s not because there is anything wrong or dangerous about it. It has given me my share of learnings. I, however now ONLY practice & teach Serenity Surrender(SS) due to the following reasons:

  1. The “Intent” of the SS technique is self-recognition while that of regression is more about exploring & healing past lives

  2. SS also explores & resolves past lives, but it does not base the entire understanding of a soul only on past life memories, unlike PLR

  3. PLR primarily uses Hypnosis as a technique which many people are uncomfortable with. Not everyone is a good hypnotic subject. Other bridges can also be used but mostly with people with string conscious minds or analytical abilities, they are left wondering if it was a past life that they saw.

  4. SS does not use hypnosis. In SS the client’s experience is the least dramatic because it’s the therapist that experiences the client’s energies and shares it with them. So it begins with trust on the therapist& trust in one’s ability to get healed in the first place

  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, SS allows one to learn to heal themselves including exploring & healing their childhood memories & past life memories. PLR has no way for a person to heal themselves. Self-Regression is not a very safe & appropriate way of healing self.

  6. SS suggests that we as souls have existed before Earth times too, which is out of the scope of Regression. In SS one can develop the ability to go into higher realms which existed before the physical realm did & understand their journey there to find & resolve their root relationship with this planet / realm itself.

I highly recommend reading through the SS and SS Workshops page before writing to me with your specific query.

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