If one identifies with Serenity Surrender(SS) as their path to either resolve their concerns or for further self-recognition then Minal’s first suggestion would be for them to join the next scheduled SS Basic 3 day workshop with her. The way the workshop can transform one’s life is different since 1-1 sessions have a focused intent whereas the workshop can bring alignment & opening in all areas of life in one go. The difference being that in the workshop one learns to heal themselves post understanding their journey through lifetimes as a soul. The knowledge they gain throughout the 3 days creates a basis for complete shift in their way of thinking & way of experiencing life. The workshop also includes 1-1 healing sessions with other participants, 2 self-healing sessions and a couple of group healing sessions which help dealing with the topmost concerns of the participants at the time of the workshop. A 1-1 session can help in paving their way to the workshop but will not be a complete solution to one’s healing aspirations.

Minal has limited opportunity for sessions owing to her workshops, talks, books, travel & other activities that she indulges in the endeavour to spread the SS way of life. She hence requests that one requests for 1-1 sessions in the following circumstances

  1. You are badly stuck in an issue and you would like to initiate healing of that issue to take up the self-healing workshop later
  2. You are not based out of Delhi NCR and are travelling for a short duration & yet want to experience SS way of Healing
  3. You are in a an unstable or debilitated state mentally or physically or emotionally and cannot heal yourself hence are requesting for help through the session
  4. You have tried Past Life Regression and you could not experience a past life
  5. You have understood the role of releasing your past through other techniques like regression and are now ready to understand SS to initiate self-healing

Minal conducts her sessions mostly on weekdays and a session would typically last for 1-1.5 hrs. She suggests that one must go through 2-3 SS sessions to see a definite shift in one’s consciousness with regards to any area of concern. She however reckons that her first choice would be to suggest anyone & everyone looking for a serious shift in their life to come for the 3 day SS Basic Workshop but in case that is not possible, and if the schedules mutually workout she does take 1-1 sessions occasionally.

All sessions & workshops are currently only held in Gurgaon.

To understand more about the 3 Day Serenity Surrender(SS) Workshop or to know about the fee, schedule etc, please access this link
In case you still want to request for a 1-1 SS Healing Session with Minal, please send a brief about you & your concern to her through the Contact page